About Us

We are dedicated to helping sales leaders in hotels, venues, serviced apartments, travel and hospitality think and act differently to achieve outstanding sales performance.

 For us, learning is the key to sales success, and we believe the only sustainable competitive advantage is learning faster than your competitors.  We’re passionate about helping sales leaders get more revenue and profit

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MG Sales Performance is endorsed by the UK’s leading body for sales professionals - the ISMM and the company was a previous winner of a National Sales Award. 


Mark and Helen have spoken and moderated at the following events: ITM Conference, HBAA Annual Forum, Confex, ACTE Educational Conference, Annual Hotel Conference, Business Travel Show, Association of Serviced Apartment Providers Conference and the Meetings Show.

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How To Sell
Value NOT Price

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What people say

  • Corinthia Hotels

    "Mark demonstrates regularly his mission to push the boundaries of sales training to the next level

    Mark steered us through difficult subjects related to new technology and customer versus third party. He did it with humour and professionalism and we definitely achieved our objectives.”

    James Farrow, Senior VP Sales

  • Clarendon Serviced Apartments

    “Through their regular newsletters, breakfast briefings, e-shots and incisive and challenging 1-2-1 training style, MG bring what is arguably a, unique to our sector, science to sales leadership. They understand the dynamics of the hospitality industry and have developed a well-honed skill of challenging those with sales leadership responsibility to stand back from their business and their immediate sales challenges to take time to think through and get right their sales proposition, consider the psychology needed to turn price discount requests to their advantage, and successfully lead and inspire their sales team to deliver the plan.”

    Scott Hamilton, Managing Director

  • Park Plaza Hotels

    "MG Sales Performance is a tried and trusted solution. I like the pre and post work that goes into every training course. There is a genuine attitude of care. MG really get under the skin of the company and it's people. They have an understanding of how important it is to have structure. The team is now putting into practice what they learnt and are achieving great results through objective setting and probing."

    Manju Goel, UK Director of Sales & Revenue

Who are MG Sales Performance?

Mark Gallen

My name is Mark Gallen. I’m a family man overrun by females – one wonderful wife, three daughters, two cats. My story is one day I woke up and decided that I wanted to dump my secure well paid job, company car and final salary pension to start the rather hazardous journey of self employment. And years later here I am, loving what I do even more.

So what am I all about?

I want to stay ahead of the pack. I’m always looking to innovate and learn more.

  My goal is to professionalise the sales leadership approach of those managers that are hungry for success and something different.

 I’m obsessed by how our thoughts and beliefs can enable us to achieve greater sales performance.

 A friendly and informal professional, who is easy and flexible to work with, but as a very detail orientated person I can be obsessive about getting it right. 

Integrity in a relationship is important to me and I’ll always be honest with you. I respect my clients, and I like to engage with them at the right level in a manner that is right for them.
 I want to listen and focus on understanding your pain and needs so my approach is tailored to you and your business.

Helen Sandman

My name is Helen Sandman. I’m a wife and mum to Hannah.  I’ve known Mark for years, in fact since the days that I worked at Inntel and Mark was our Account Manager at Forte Hotels.  I’m going back to the early nineties of Dynasty hair and shoulder pads (that’s me not Mark!)

I got involved in MG Sales Performance because I believed in what Mark was doing.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m on some holy mission to help people develop – anyone who knows me will laugh at that idea – I just truly believe that there are better, simpler, more effective ways of doing things and that busy people sometimes need support to find them.

I also believe that organisations get wrapped up in the product delivery and there is scant time or in-house expertise to help boost sales people’s performance and confidence.  That’s where I see us coming in. 

So what do I bring to the party?  I asked some customers, colleagues and friends to help me with this.  Here are the headlines:

I help businesses and people take a pragmatic approach to sales so that they achieve more revenue and profit. I bring straight-forward, logical approaches to improving sales performance that engage people and they feel comfortable with. 

I have a high energy, fresh approach and I’m known for my direct, no waffle style that brings clarity to situations. 

You will find me to be down to earth, friendly, innovative and with high integrity.