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MG Sales Talent Network meeting 18th Nov - writeup

Nov 23, 2016
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Harnessing the Power of Digital in Sales 

Our latest Sales Talent Network breakfast meeting on the subject 'Harnessing the Power of Digital in Sales' was held on 18th November at the Grange Holborn Hotel, London. We hosted around 25 guests and had 2 very engaging speakers, followed by an interesting group discussion. Here is the write-up for the event:

Sales has always been about identifying target customers and connecting with them at the right time and in the right way.  In the old days that meant picking up the phone but with fewer prospects taking your call and fewer still wanting to meet, how do savvy sales people win the prospect’s attention?

MG STN 18Nov image.JPG

l-r: James Reid - Mark Gallen - Lee Chadwick 

Our speakers, Lee Chadwick of CommuniGator and James Reid of Artesian, tackled this question and many more. Here’s what they said:

Lee Chadwick, Communigator

Shock statistics from Lee:

2% of your website visitors identify themselves by completing a form

50% of website traffic are interested in your site

85% are not ready to buy when they visit your site

Sellers can increase form completion rates on websites by 30% by reducing the number of boxes for completion to just one field – email address.

Using technology, we can identify the 15% who are more ready to buy by reading their digital body language. Which pages did they visit, how long did they spend on each page, what else did they research on the internet? Lee recommends assigning web pages a ‘digital asset value’ (scoring the web pages) based on the level of importance of the page e.g. completing a web form requesting information would attract a high score.  Using IP addresses, tools can present web traffic listing data with a score: 

For example:

Awareness 0 to 10 points (home page visit)

Research 11 to 30 points

Interest 30 to 49 points

Purchase Intent 50+ points (would include completion of information request form) 

Where sales people use website intelligence their conversions are proven to increase by 200%


James Reid, Artesian

Using statistics from Forester, James painted a picture of a changed sales landscape where  successful sellers have changed their approach and engagement.  He described how 90% of customers don’t respond to calls, 84% of buyers start with a referral, 50% of buyers research on websites, 90% are influenced by peer to peer recommendations and 74% engage first with a seller that provides insight - “Educate me, don’t sell to me.”

James proposed four key steps to social selling:

  1.  Be really clear who the right customer is for you – your target
  2. Acquire insight into the customer’s world so you can build credibility
  3. Seduce the customer with challenging content to drive insight – don’t talk about the norm he warned, instead find topics that are on trend, maybe controversial.
  4. Engineer repeated touch points and reasons to engage – re-use content but tailor it for the intended recipient

James made the point that social selling is not about having a social media presence.  These are just channels (and there are many more) for ‘touching’ the customer.

Successful social sellers:

  • Start the day with research
  • Engagements are guided by business and personal insight
  • Solves customer problems rather than sells a product


Email Subject Titles

Here are Lee’s results of the best approaches for email subject titles based on split testing findings

Lees email statistics.png 

Conclusions – Harnessing the Power of Digital in Sales

The most successful sales people are using technology to help them identify and engage with prospects straight away.  As customers don’t want to be sold to anymore they have re-shaped their sales processes using insight and content marketing tools to seduce customers.  Creating a library of content marketing that can be re-purposed to suit a range of buyers is critical for ongoing sales success. 


If you would like to be personally invited to our future MG Sales Talent Network events - essentially designed for Sales Leaders - please contact us.




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