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MG Sales Talent Network meeting 10th March 2017 - Write up

Mar 13, 2017
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How to Build a Sales Pipeline and Accelerate the Sales Process 

With the business outlook uncertain, the pressure to win new business tightens in 2017.  Sales professionals feeling the heat look to the bottom of the pipeline to produce the numbers.  But is a short-term reactive response to sales going to fill the pipe for the possibly unsettling times to come?

With social sellers reported to create 45% more opportunities per quarter and outsell their peers by 78%, Anita Windisman, Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn explained how.

Mark - Anita - Rachel.jpeg

 l-r: Mark Gallen (MG Sales Performance) - Anita Windisman (LinkedIn) - Rachel Hough (Citybase Apartments) 

Starting her presentation with a definition of Social Selling, Anita said it is “Leveraging your sales brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships.”

Anita went on to explain that, as in our personal lives we seek the opinion and recommendation of friends and others (social proof) before making a purchase, so it is true in B2B relationships.  “Buyers,” she said, “are five times more likely to engage with sales people if they first make a warm introduction rather than a cold outreach.”

LinkedIn image.png

A Social Selling Success Story

Corporate Traveller - A division of Flight Centre adopted Sales Navigator for their sales team.  Graeme Milne, General Manager, says “Sales Navigator enabled us to increase new revenue by 10% this year – that’s millions in new business."  

Top Tips From Anita

  • Ensure everyone on your team uses a professional photograph
  • Download the LinkedIn app for fast response and insight on the move
  • Engage in social listening to identify news-worthy stories and articles that you can share
  • Avoid risk by encouraging employees to only post articles written by trusted sources – be cautious about allowing them to write their own
  • Always add your own personal insight to any posts
  • Use the dashboard to measure and track the activity of your sales team on social selling (available with an Enterprise license)
  • Make time for social selling daily 


5 Steps for Implementing a Social Selling Programme

  1. Be clear on the business need and agree success criteria
  2. Have an Executive sponsor champion to drive the programme
  3. Ensure that sales and marketing are aligned in a common goal
  4. Assign a champion who is committed to project execution
  5. Be focused on engagement and adoption





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