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Why Social Selling?

The world of selling has changed.  Customers are more selective now.  They only want to work with people they can trust and in networks that they can trust.  The availability of i…

You've Won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest

Sales is like a game of Monopoly. As we navigate our way around the sales landscape board, the success of our game is heavily influenced by the ‘chance cards’ we draw.  Let me …

Are you selling the way your customers want to buy?

Sell the way your customers want to buy I have a confession.  I was ten minutes into a sales pitch recently when I thought ‘what the hell am I doing?’  I had been invited to ‘pre…

Don’t leave money on the table

Last week I attended The Digital Marketing Show at ExCel and during an interesting seminar I was reminded of a few numbers that I thought worthy of repeating here. 

The cost o…

How to respond to “I’m happy with my current supplier”

It’s the classic response isn’t it, when you’re phoning a lead for the first time? They’ve detected that it’s a sales call and at this stage they just can’t see any value in co…

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