Sales Leadership

For your sales training to be effective and make a real tangible and lasting difference in your business, we have to start with your sales leaders. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what a very large study by the Aberdeen Group proved:

“in the most successful sales organisations, sales training and continual performance development is embedded in the culture and it starts at the top”.

This means that your sales leaders must take personal responsibility to make a positive impact on the sales culture. What they do and what they say is critical. Have a look at the following questions and see how many you can honestly answer yes to:

  • Do you have a sales culture in your business?
  • Do you have a sales strategy that everybody understands and can articulate?
  • Have you clearly defined the sales behaviours, skills and knowledge that will produce exceptional sales performance in your company?
  • How self-aware are your sales team? 
  • Does everyone know exactly how they’re doing against the company sales performance criteria?
  • Are your sales leaders trained to assess and measure their team against your sales performance criteria?

The truth is that very few companies invest the time and energy in creating a sales culture that is embedded from the top and throughout the company.  Those that do, however, achieve truly astonishing results.

Here is what one client said about how we support their sales managers:



“Following our leadership programme we hear our managers approaching conversations differently, there is improved communication across all departments and there is a really positive buzz in the air.” 

Jo Redman, Sales & Marketing Director


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What people say

  • Lime Venue Portfolio Compass Group UK & Ireland

    "Having enjoyed a session that Helen conducted at an industry event I was highly impressed and extremely motivated by her high energetic and inspirational delivery. I invited Helen to speak at the LVP Sales kick off day. She was captivating, motivating and inspirational. She really listened to the brief and ensured she clearly understood our aims and objectives. I would recommend Helen’s services to anyone in the hospitality and events industry particularly those looking to boost their sales potential."

    Jo Austin, Head of Lime Venue Portfolio Compass Group UK & Ireland

  • Como Hotels and Resorts

    "We have recently carried out extensive training for our Global Sales Team, both on Property and in our Global Sales Offices. Both myself and the senior members of the Team worked with the MG Mentors, which ensured that everyone was involved in the process. We now have a platform from which we can develop a Coaching Culture, unique to COMO Hotels & Resorts. The flexibility, progressive approach, continuous support and first class facilitating during the training sessions from the MG Team is something I would truly recommend to others."

    Simon Kerr, Commercial Director

Define Sales Success

Very few companies are able to define the behaviours, skills and knowledge that produce exceptional sales performance for their company. Core to our sales leadership approach is the development of just that insight – it is called a Sales Competency Framework. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive library of sales competencies for you to select from or we can create bespoke sales competencies for your organization.  The choice is yours.

With a competency framework in place, a systematic approach to sales performance improvement can be developed. A competency framework enables your company to:

  • Set expectations: Clearly define what is expected of each member of your sales teams and sales leaders.  It breaks out the specific skills, knowledge and behaviours that each job function must master if they are to succeed. 
  • Assess performance: Have an agreed framework by which each team member can be assessed.
  • Support development: Identify the particular training and support needs of each individual to enable them to succeed.
  • Measure progress: The progress each individual is making

Sales Assessment and Measurement

Once we have defined the skills, knowledge and behaviours that create sales success for your organization, we use the results from our Sales Assessment to evaluate each team member against these competencies.  A bespoke programme of training and support for each individual can then be agreed and progress monitored. As a part of this process we train your sales leaders to introduce the Sales Assessment in a non-threatening way and to validate the results of these self-assessments. 



“I didn’t want an "off-the-shelf" training course, so I worked closely with MG to design and implement something unique and original which ultimately generated results and will leave a long lasting framework and standards for the company. 
Mark really gets under the skin of whatever company he is working with and has a thorough understanding of our business, the culture and the people. He is also very personable and easy to work with and has a great knowledge of the industry.”

Johanna Byrane, Head of Sales


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