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Touch Your Own Base!

Thanks to research from Amba Hotels for the UK’s top ten most hated pieces of business jargon (take note!):

1. Touch base offline

Meaning: Meet separately after a group meetin

2. Blue sky thinking

Meaning: Unrealistic thinking without influence

3. Punch a puppy

Meaning: Act in a detestable way for business benefit

4. Thought shower

Meaning: Ideas meeting

5. Think outside the box

Meaning: Think creatively

6. It’s on my radar

Meaning: I’m considering or dealing with it

7. Close of play

Meaning: The end of the day

8. Sing from the same hymn sheet

Meaning: All in agreement

9. Peel the onion

Meaning: Examine the problem in detail

10. Wash its face

Meaning: To justify or pay for itself

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