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The biggest challenge facing sales professionals today is demonstrating a difference. You know, standing out from the crowd and offering value that goes beyond just price, product or service – but how do you do it?

The Training Challenge

Your team come back from the training with great intentions, but it’s easy to forget a one-off classroom course. Proven research tells us that people only remember 20% of the training. 

Your team might return from training with the best of intentions, but a few weeks down the line, old habits kick in again and you’re back to square one. After all, it’s easy to forget a one-off classroom course. In fact, research tells us that people remember just 20% of the training from a one-off classroom course.

So, what’s the solution? 

Well, while salespeople might come and go, the culture at your venue will be consistent. It means that when new starters come in, they have the same great training AND they get it. 

So, we’d like to introduce you to…

Is there a better way?

With all these challenges in mind we’d like to introduce you to:

Sales Gym™

Sales Gym™ is a blend of online learning and coaching workshops and webinars that addresses ALL of these challenges. It provides your experienced team and your new starters with continuous training rather than just a one-off event that’s consigned to the history books as soon as it’s over. 

Your Sales Gym™ Learning Experience


Short, bite size videos that are quick and easy to watch.


Digital workbooks with examples and short exercises.

Memory Quiz

Memory quiz questions and end of course certificate.

Workshops & Webinars

Short sessions in small groups where learners show the trainer how they’ve applied their learning.

Anonymous Surveys

Online surveys to capture feedback and measure application.

The Sales Gym™ Learning Pathway


Your team accesses training courses made up of bitesize videos & online workbooks with quizzes to test their understanding and application of the lessons.


They’ll attend coaching workshops/webinars to show the MG trainers how they apply what they’ve learnt as they progress. 


Your team can also share & learn from each other by uploading their best practice videos, voice recordings, presentations, and documents.

We help sales professionals differentiate their approach and transform results. To find out how we can help your team, get in touch today…

Meeting & Event Sales

MEST can help your event sales team to convert more of the right business at the best rate.

Reservations Sales

REST can help your reservations team to convert more business, upsell and generate more revenue.


PROST can help your proactive sales team to grab buyers’ attention with the right message and the right media.

Is it any good?

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Andrew Walker, Market Director of Sales, UK Provinces, Marriott International

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David Fisher, Sales Director, Freeman EMEA

We love to help sales professionals differentiate their approach and transform results. If you want to find out how we can help your team, then get in touch today.

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